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Why Choose Our Product

Health and Wellness

A good night's sleep is essential for your well-being. Our mattresses are engineered to promote better sleep, alleviate pressure points, and reduce aches and pains.

Value for Money

Our mattresses are competitively priced, providing you with an excellent return on investment for better sleep and overall quality of life

Superior Quality

Crafted with the highest quality materials, our mattresses are built to last, providing you with enduring support for years to come.

Innovative Technology

We stay at the forefront of mattress innovation, incorporating the latest advancements to ensure you experience the best sleep possible.


What they say about us


I cannot express how thrilled I am with my recent purchase from the Art of Mattress Company. The mattress I bought is a true masterpiece of comfort and quality. It feels like I'm sleeping on a cloud every night. The customer service was equally impressive, helping me find the perfect mattress for my needs, over the phone and through live chat. I highly recommend Art of Mattress to anyone in search of the best sleep of their life


I've had the pleasure of sleeping on a mattress at Art of Mattress for the past year, and it has truly transformed my sleep. The quality of the mattress is evident from the moment you lay down, and it provides the perfect balance of support and softness. The delivery was prompt, and the mattress was easy to set up. Art of Mattress has lived up to its reputation, and I'm a delighted customer.


I am extremely impressed with the Art of Mattress. There was free delivery and was delivered the same day! When I was unsure about making the purchase, I picked up the phone and was greeted by Brad who was friendly and knowledgeable and guided me through the mattress selection to ensure I picked the right one. The mattress I chose has made a significant difference in the quality of my sleep. It's like a work of art, and I wake up feeling refreshed every day. I'm grateful to have found such a reputable and customer-centric company


Exceptional comfort and support with its plush pillow top and advanced coil system. A dreamy purchase for a good night's sleep.


Unparalleled cooling technology and contouring memory foam make this mattress perfect for hot sleepers. Wake up refreshed every morning.


Strikes the right balance between support and softness. Great for couples with minimal motion transfer.


A top-notch innerspring mattress with eco-friendly materials. The luxury feel and strong edge support are worth the investment.


Innovative hyper-elastic polymer grid ensures excellent airflow and responsiveness. Ideal for those who crave a unique sleep experience.


Exceptional motion isolation and a comfortable blend of foam and pocket springs. A solid choice for a peaceful night's sleep.


Affordable and comfortable, this mattress contours well to the body. A great option for those on a budget.


Personalized comfort with its customizable layers. Perfect for couples with different sleep preferences.


Simple yet effective, this mattress offers excellent support for a restful night. A budget-friendly option without compromising on quality.


Tailored for athletes and active individuals, this mattress aids muscle recovery with its cooling technology and responsive foam.


An organic and eco-friendly choice with natural latex and wool. Provides a firm and supportive feel for a healthy sleep environment.


Luxuriously comfortable with a cooling gel layer. Ideal for those who prefer a classic memory foam feel.


Versatile and accommodating with various firmness options. A reliable choice for all types of sleepers.


Budget-friendly and infused with green tea extract for a refreshing sleep. A great option for those looking for an affordable memory foam mattress.


A well-balanced mattress that provides support without sacrificing comfort. The all-foam construction ensures minimal motion transfer for undisturbed sleep.

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Sleep Guarantee

If you buy a mattress protector concurrently with your mattress purchase, you qualify for a 30-day sleep guarantee.


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